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Scientific Awards

  • The Best Movie on Presenting the Confocal Microscope

“Seeing is Believing” NORAN Instruments (Wisconsen, USA)


  • Project Supporting Award by the Turkish Neuroscience Society 2000

The cellular assessment of the mechanism of reperfusion damage in cerebral ischemia (with Y Gürsoy-Özdemir and T Dalkara)


  • The Best Presentation Award

From Molecule to Cell, From Cell to Clinics in Reproductive Biology and Health Congress, Bologna, Italy


  • The Second Presentation Award by the Turkish Hematological Society

The identification of human umbilical cord stroma stem cells by PAI-1 gene expression (with D. Özer)


  • The Best Research Award by NOVARTIS Pharmacology Division

The role of nitric oxide synthase in reduced vasocontractile responsiveness induced by prolonged alpha (1)-adrenergic receptor stimulation in rat thoracic aorta (with M. Uğur ve H. Gürdal)


  • The Second Best Printed Material Award of Prof. Türkan Erbengi

Histology and Cell Biology (by R. Demir)


  • The Second Best Award on the use of Turkish language by Prof. Yener Aytekin

Nucleostemin. A novel stem cell differentiation marker. (with P. Akpınar Oktar)


  • The Best Research Award by Turkish Histology and Embryology Society

The assessment of cryopreservation conditions of human umbilical cord stroma stem cells for cell banking purposes (with D. Balcı)


  • Ankara University Science Award
  • Türkiye Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Sedat Simavi Sağlık Alanı Ödülü

Behçet Disease serum is immunoreactive to neurofilament medium which share common epitopes to bacterial HSP-65, a putative trigger. Lule at al, J Autoimmun. 84: 87-96, 2017.

  • Turkish Academy of Sciences, TESEP Award
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